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About Us


Photo taken by Shannon Yen; @shannonyenphotography

Hey y'all! My name is Jhordan Munn, known as Jay by most friends. I am a model, actress, and hopefully your future photographer! ;) I am based in Los Angeles. I started my professional journey as a photographer 3 years ago and with each year I grow more in love with the art. I love capturing life moments and people;  an outdoor session in natural light is my favorite. I'll be the first to suggest we travel to a cool location and get artsy with our shoot.  My edits are dreamy and warm in tone. If this all sounds amazing to you, then I'm your gal! Can't wait to meet you, laugh, get to know one another during our session, and create some magic! 

Hello friends! My name is Julian Kauffman, most of my friends call me Julian. I am an actor, model, and assistant and second shooter for your soon to be next photographer Jhordan! I have been learning the fundamentals of photography and videography this over the past 2 years. Wherever we end up on our content creating journey, I will be bouncing, and diffusing light, capturing b-roll and BTS footage, and doing anything else I can to make sure we get the shots you want. Come spend a few hours with us, it will be a blast!


Contact Us

Instagrams: @jay_munn


Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you shortly :)

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