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Frequently Asked Questions

As both a model + photographer I understand your concerns when it comes to the deliverables. To save you from any confusion,  please review the list below of FAQ's. If this page does not give you clarity, feel free to reach out to me personally. I look forward to working with you!

Client FAQs

Is there a fee to hold a date?                                     

Yes. A $50 non refundable fee will be charged to hold a future date. In the event that you need to change or cancel a planned shoot, this fee will be non-refundable and non-transferable. This is to compensate the artist for lost time or other bookings. 

I want to hire you for an event. What is that rate? 

I would absolutely love to photograph your event! I have photographed engagements, birthday parties, gender reveals, and more! Please send me an email with the specifics of your event and we will create a custom package. 

How many images will I receive back? 

This depends on what package you purchase and if we created an individual package. My packages range from 6 to 15 photos. These photos are lightly color edited, not skin edited. If you would like retouches on skin this takes a lot more time and attention to detail. For a skin edit, I charge an extra $15. 

What if I would like more images? 

Wooh! I'm glad you love my work and have lots of favorites! For each additional photo it will be an extra $10. This is just to compensate for the time it takes to edit. The photo will be color edited only. 

Can I have the RAWS? 

I do not give our the RAWS. They are not yet edited and are not a reflection of my work. I do not want my clients posting unedited images. Once your shoot is over you will be given access to a good chunk of the photos we took. They will have a watermark on them. Do not screenshot any photos or attempt to take off the watermark, it is there for a reason. From here, you will create a favorites folder. These will be images you want me to edit. These are the only images you will get back and be able to download!

Well, I really want to keep all of the photos. Is that an option? 

I understand wanting to keep all the photos from the shoot. In this case, contact me. I will give you the option to buy your images out. In the event that this happens, I will have you sign a contract agreeing not to edit or post these images.  These are for your private keeping only :)

Why am I signing a contract? 

You are signing a contract to protect the work of the artist. Unfortunately, there are many times where clients post unedited photos after asked not to or screenshot samples. You are signing a contract in agreement that you will not edit over the final products, you will not save RAWs, and that you will tag the artist in all social media posts. 

How long will it take for me to receive my edits back? 

2-3 days after the shoot, I will send you a link via pixiset that will allow you to view all your unedited photos from the shoot. After you make your selects and notify me that you have created a favorites folder, give me 2 weeks to edit your selects. It normally does not take this long, however editing is a creative process and I ask for this time so that I can give you back my best work!

I don't like the way you edited my photos? Can you change this? 

I would hate for you to hire me for your event and not love what I return back to you. I will absolutely always try my best to give you an edit you love. My editing is warm and dreamy, I like to use light flares. Please review my edits and style prior to booking me. All photographers have their own way of editing, it is very subjective. If you are hiring me, I assume you like the way I edit. Once you make your selects, I will edit 1 photo to begin with. I will send this back to you and ask if the coloring is good for you. This is your opportunity to be honest, you will not offend me if you don't like the edit. Just be vocal. If you don't like the first edit, tell me and we will work together to get you what you want. I will ask you lots of questions to figure out how I could edit this more towards your style. Once we agree on a coloring, I will continue editing the rest of your photos. 

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